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Event Marketing Skills are Useful Tools to Grow Businesses

The tricks of this trade behind event marketing companies include elements where giveaways happen openly. A credit card company could toss out free blankets at a football game. All the spectator has to do is fill out a credit card application. That might seem cheap and a nice warm blanket is a reward, however, the company then will do a credit check and that can lower a credit rating for a period of time as well as expose personal information. Still, there are other event marketing tactics that involve attractive professional models dressed in bathing suits passing out the latest alcoholic beverage and fruit flavored drinks at a popular sports bar. Read more about such tactics on http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/09/08/synergy-or-interference-how-product-placement-in-tv-shows-affects-the-commercial-break-audience/#71853a7c65cb

Other examples of an event marketer’s scheme at work could be a team of actors doing a skit that involves interactive participation of individual shoppers passing by a business establishment. These could be flash mobs that show up and surround a shopper. These can be flattering to the person being surrounded or terrifying, depending on how the skit is delivered. The idea is to further brand recognition using event marketing strategies and planning by event marketing companies. The brand centered impressions that are made can be pleasant, enjoyable, and attention grabbing. These could be seen as publicity stunts by some which have the purpose of drawing media attention.

This past presidential election cycle will be studied in great detail by experts in the area of event marketing for years to come in order to document, replicate, and capitalize on its unique components so that future political races could be shaped and modeled in a similar fashion if it is actually possible.

The goal is to conduct a type of advertising campaign that adds value for those who are attending an event to promote a product or service. Many times discounts are offered to clients. Fund raising activities could also be staged with the resultant giving from various gift givers. Benefit concerts, telethons, silent auctions and other activities that can involve high profile participants that draw crowds are also the kind of event marketing techniques that do a great deal of promotional good for causes and special interests.

It can be reported with accuracy that in the most recent presidential election, many event marketing strategies were deployed by a candidate that had the unique celebrity magnetism to take full advantage of these tactics because of the ability to make headlines with many live-action impressions. Read about such strategies on http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/09/08/synergy-or-interference-how-product-placement-in-tv-shows-affects-the-commercial-break-audience/#71853a7c65cb Various attention-grabbing antics took place repeatedly where media attention resulted in garnering massive free exposure for the candidate to the tune of billions of dollars. The candidate was capable of manipulating the news media into reporting on these events so that the candidate did not need to spend much money on political commercials or staff to run a grass roots campaign. The results were a first in political campaigning history as the President Elect, Donald Trump spent a fraction of the funds on traditional political commercials and campaigning as his opponents did with the ultimate victory that no one had ever been able to accomplish before. For more information follow https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/

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