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How to use celebrity endorsements to alert the media in the PR events industry

Being in the PR events industry requires some sort of tact to evaluate and set bait in

order to catch the big fish in terms of media coverage. The PR industry is constantly

facing the challenge of finding the right hook to an event that will attract the

attention of the media, and have them interested enough to attend and cover the PR
events. Read more about peculiarities of this process on http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30392829 Using celebrity endorsements can be a great way to promote your event. PR has

slowly gained popularity over the years with many marketing and event advertising firms

now considering it a full-fledged part of marketing. Today’s Public Relations has

silently embraced the use of public figures or celebrities in marketing events and

gaining media coverage of events through celebrity endorsement. Here are a few ways you

can use celebrity endorsements to alert the media in PR event organizing.


Get the right hook for the PR event

PR events require proper knowledge of events organizing with a blend of desire for

perfection. As a PR events organizer, one has to find a celebrity who is popular with

the press in order to use them as a celebrity endorsement in alerting the media. Getting

the right celebrity to endorse an event will definitely attract media coverage. The

trick is to use the theme of the event to find a relevant celebrity whose appearance in

the PR event will take it to another level.


Use photography in events advertising to allure the media to the PR event

One of the most important things in event planning is taking memorable photos that will

attract the right media to your event. While working on your budget, make sure you

allocate a slot for a good photographer and take shots of the selected celebrity in

making your fliers and banners. Ensure these images are well circulated around your

desired media contacts and that they are spectacular visually and precise in information.

Notify the media about the PR event early

In organizing PR events, timing is everything. Gather the desired media contacts and

alert them early, giving them a heads up of the attendance of your chosen celebrity as

this will give them time to pass on the information about your event to their associates

and friends which may lead to your event becoming a public sensation in a short span of

time. This will help your PR events organization to reap benefits without putting in too

much work. Read about various tricks on http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30392829


Have the celebrity do a press release about the PR event

The event advertising can include a brief pitch from the celebrity themselves in

highlighting the dates, hosts, sponsors and event program. Be ready to budget for good

advertisement channels in order to attract the best media networks. Having this is great

for PR events coverage as it helps the event organizer to determine a potential event

sales through the public and media reaction to the event advertisement. This will ensure

that you have full permissions from the celebrity to use their brand in endorsing your event as the payment and agreement terms would have been finalized in order for them to
make the commercial appearance.Read more on https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/


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Celebrity Product Placement


Event Marketing Skills are Useful Tools to Grow Businesses

The tricks of this trade behind event marketing companies include elements where giveaways happen openly. A credit card company could toss out free blankets at a football game. All the spectator has to do is fill out a credit card application. That might seem cheap and a nice warm blanket is a reward, however, the company then will do a credit check and that can lower a credit rating for a period of time as well as expose personal information. Still, there are other event marketing tactics that involve attractive professional models dressed in bathing suits passing out the latest alcoholic beverage and fruit flavored drinks at a popular sports bar. Read more about such tactics on http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/09/08/synergy-or-interference-how-product-placement-in-tv-shows-affects-the-commercial-break-audience/#71853a7c65cb

Other examples of an event marketer’s scheme at work could be a team of actors doing a skit that involves interactive participation of individual shoppers passing by a business establishment. These could be flash mobs that show up and surround a shopper. These can be flattering to the person being surrounded or terrifying, depending on how the skit is delivered. The idea is to further brand recognition using event marketing strategies and planning by event marketing companies. The brand centered impressions that are made can be pleasant, enjoyable, and attention grabbing. These could be seen as publicity stunts by some which have the purpose of drawing media attention.

This past presidential election cycle will be studied in great detail by experts in the area of event marketing for years to come in order to document, replicate, and capitalize on its unique components so that future political races could be shaped and modeled in a similar fashion if it is actually possible.

The goal is to conduct a type of advertising campaign that adds value for those who are attending an event to promote a product or service. Many times discounts are offered to clients. Fund raising activities could also be staged with the resultant giving from various gift givers. Benefit concerts, telethons, silent auctions and other activities that can involve high profile participants that draw crowds are also the kind of event marketing techniques that do a great deal of promotional good for causes and special interests.

It can be reported with accuracy that in the most recent presidential election, many event marketing strategies were deployed by a candidate that had the unique celebrity magnetism to take full advantage of these tactics because of the ability to make headlines with many live-action impressions. Read about such strategies on http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/09/08/synergy-or-interference-how-product-placement-in-tv-shows-affects-the-commercial-break-audience/#71853a7c65cb Various attention-grabbing antics took place repeatedly where media attention resulted in garnering massive free exposure for the candidate to the tune of billions of dollars. The candidate was capable of manipulating the news media into reporting on these events so that the candidate did not need to spend much money on political commercials or staff to run a grass roots campaign. The results were a first in political campaigning history as the President Elect, Donald Trump spent a fraction of the funds on traditional political commercials and campaigning as his opponents did with the ultimate victory that no one had ever been able to accomplish before. For more information follow https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/

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When you already have a celebrity endorser,they must be recognized by the general public, in order for them to follow the celebrity on social media. That is why most of the companies today look for celebrity endorsers that have gone viral on social media for some events, so that the people will recognize the celebrity. Companies do their level best to make deals with a big start celebrity, because it is an easy and quick way to market the product of a company if the celebrity endorser is well known.

Most of the well-known celebrities today are in sports or the music industry. Some singers are also actors or actresses, and they will be recognized through their movies, new songs, or music videos. It can be easily go viral to social media, because the fans that they have will immediately look for the movies or songs that a particular celebrity has, and if they will become an endorser to big company brands, they can be easily recognized by their fans too.click here for more information.

Celebrities attend many charitable activities, by helping less fortunate people, by giving free medicine, food, dresses, and shelter. Because of these charitable activities, the general public will recognize the celebrities that help them. And it will bring each event to the social media, and will be seen and shared by millions all around the world. Normal individuals can easily recognize only the well-known and most popular celebrities that develop opinions and views on. And, if that view is positive, it will make the brand or product advertised that much more appealing or enticing. for further news, click  :  http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/11/03/celebrity-presidential-endorsements-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-jon-keller-wbz/


The celebrity endorser’s company should have lots of TV exposure like advertisements, interviews, and other events, in order to be noticed by as many people as possible. People nowadays are spending their time on the computer just for their social accounts, and others in the television, especially the younger generation as they can easily recognize their favorite celebrities or personalities, then follow or imitate their fashion.

Celebrities can enhance brand equity and increase name recognition; they can bring the brand or product to the next dimension – if the celebrity is known worldwide – and they can attract international consumers. Also, if a famous or well-known celebrity uses the product or brand, it must be good which can build brand credibility.

In having an endorser, there are some risks you need to consider. If the celebrity endorser makes any mistakes, they will played out in front of the public. That may affect the name of the brand that he/she is endorsing. Another thing is celebrity could lose their fame or they could simply change their image. This might result in a contradicting image of the endorsed brand. There are some well-known celebrities today like Michael Jordan that even though he doesn’t play basketball anymore, his brand Jordan is one of the biggest brands today in the business world. Jordan company looks for well-known NBA players today that will endorse his Jordan brand. One of those endorsers is Carmelo Anthony and  anther is Russell Westbrook -both of them are superstars on different teams.

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When a celebrity endorses a product, big events, or new songs, they can easily put it onto social media for marketing purposes. They can promote events or products that they are endorsing by having some interview with the press. But don’t stop on that marketing strategy; look for another ways on how to market your products. Social media marketing is one of the easiest and fastest strategies to market your products. A celebrity endorser will have the power in social media marketing. By the followers they have in their social media accounts, they can easily market the product, or they can promote activity they have.

Nowadays, most people are using social media to connect other people like their friends, families, and relatives. And also they use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow their favorite celebrity, so that they will be updated what is new to their favorite celebrity. There are different kinds of celebrities today like actors, athletes, musicians and models. Most of the companies today are using celebrities to endorse their products, because of the connection they have, and the fans that they have in social media that connected to them daily. for more information, click on : http://www.browncoats.ca/how-to-get-celebrity-endorsements-for-your-book/


One of the most well-known sports today is basketball, and the leading professional basketball tournament is the NBA or National Basketball Association. Most of the players in the NBA are well known, and have lots of endorsements for big names like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Peak, etc. And to become an endorser of a different company, you need to put your name on the top, just like NBA Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Most of the younger generations today admire him, because of the way he plays basketball in a regular game in the NBA. When he became MVP in the NBA, Under Armour offered him a big contract to become an endorser of their brand, as his adoring fans follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he can easily endorse the product on social media instantly.

Companies look out personalities with particular characteristics or attractiveness, such as physical appearance, athleticism, intellectual capabilities, and, very importantly,trustworthiness and credibility for the brand. They need to choose a celebrity endorser that fits with the product. Most of the companies see social media as the most effective way to engage with people, especially the younger generation. They easily admire the celebrities. Celebrities have their own brands, by using their status to build their own brand. This included making money from appearances, endorsing other brands, launching their own products, and by supporting charity events.

Companies may take some risks or experience a downside to celebrity endorsement as the companies risk negative results when they establish a close connection with a celebrity who falls out in the industry with the public as a result of negative publicity or a personal scandal. Some companies have started to use specialized insurance plans and cancellation clauses in endorsement deals.

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Having a celebrity that will endorse your book is possibly going to happen; it will help you a lot on your book to become better known by the public. Celebrity endorsement provides the greatest sales boost you can give to your book. Come to think of it,a very famous celebrity will endorse or plug your book, and convince lots of people or readers to buy it. click here for more details.

We all know that celebrities make a big contribution in the business world by endorsing some of the products or brand from leading big company of the world. All celebrities are so busy for the events that they have, and it is so hard to think that they will accommodate or accept your proposal to be a celebrity endorser of your book.


But don’t lose hope, there are many celebrities that are willing to help you in endorsing your book, if you make it easy for them to market your book.

Celebrities might be well-known in their industry, but they aren’t always a writer. So, by making a request for an endorsement should be accompanied by sample or pre written endorsements, so that they can easily personalize and get their approval to become a celebrity endorser. One of the proper ways to request for endorsing your book is to write a letter. for more related information, visit : http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/10/24/do-celebrity-endorsements-really-matter.html

The letter should start with a personal greeting, brief introduction about you and the book, a copy of the book cover, put on the letter on how their endorsement will benefit you and your book, don’t make it complicated when the celebrity endorse your book, make it easy and simple them, they are more likely to accommodate your request, give them lots of idea on how to endorse your book, let the celebrity know that by endorsing your book or marketing your book will receive a large amount of publicity, and put on the letter with a note of a appreciation to their time and consideration.

There are lots of ways on how the celebrities market your book to the public. Most of the celebrities have their shows and some big events, where they can introduce or market your book. Another way is on social media, by their accounts in social media with lots of followers and friends. They can easily market your book, only by posting your book cover on their accounts in social media and add a positive review about you; the writer, and also about the book.

And then, the celebrity endorser will put some tweets or message on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter that they have read the book and it was a great read. Because of that, your book will become known to the public, and it will make lot of sales of your book.

Today, there are some well-known writers that can help you market your book. They publish a book that gathers lots of good criticism that makes them popular. So, it will easy for them to endorse your book to the public;you don’t have to worry because they are willing to help you to market your book, because before they become well-known as a writer, they start from the bottom. They know how you feel.

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